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Unigkuat- Kodiak Alutiiq Legends

Unigkuat- Kodiak Alutiiq Legends

Unigkuat- Kodiak Alutiiq Legends is the newest book published by the Alutiiq Museum and features 62 traditional legends that were carefully researched by museum staff. "Action and mystery, long journeys and valuable lessons- these are the ingredients of Alutiiq legends. In a village terrified by and enormous octopus, people work together to kill the beast. A young man apprentices to a whaler and learns mysterious secrets about hunting the largest sea mammals. A community mistreats Raven and his grandmother, and the people die of starvation. This book shares sixty-two traditional tales from Alaska's Kodiak Archipelago, compiled from stories told by Alutiiq Elders over the past 150 years. In each legend, readers learn about the Alutiiq world- the origins of the moon and the sun, how animals can sometimes appear as people, the importance of respectful hunting, and most of all how generosity, bravery, and perseverance are essential to a happy and successful life.

Illustrated with images by contemporary community artists." Published with support from The Alaska State Council on the Arts, The Munaret Project, and Kodiak Island Borough School District.

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