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The Alutiiq Orthography: Kodiak Dialect

The Alutiiq Orthography: Kodiak Dialect

The Kodiak Alutiiq Writing System

Have you ever wanted to know the proper way of writing Kodiak Alutiiq words? Has the Alutiiq writing system seemed a mystery, but you thunk there must be a logic behind it? Check out this definitive text on all topics related to Alutiiq writing. With topics tanging from alphabet sounds to proofreading, while answering tough questions (like when to stress and lengthen syllables) in between, this boos is the first to comprehensively teach the modern Alutiiq writing system. This resource is intended for anyone with a basic understanding ok Kodiak Island Alutiiq, and for those who want to learn more. 

With Support from the National Science Foundation & UAA - Kodiak Collage.

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