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Rhonda Shelford Jansen

RSJ $46 Fishing 8x12

RSJ $46 Fishing 8x12

This painting features men fishing for pollock or salmon from their kayaks on a foggy day. Along the coast of Alaska, hunters used 1- and 20 man, sea mammal skin covered, kayaks for fishing and for hunting seal, otter, and whale. Historically they fished from the beach with nets or from their kayaks with line and hooks. The Aleut fishhook was made form bone and consisted of a barbed hook lashed with sinew to a curved shank. Lines were made of twisted or braided sinew or twisted fiber. The kayaks were extraordinarily light and maneuverable and carried men far into open seas. The men wore gut parkas to stay dry and the kayaks were waterproof. They were known to go straight through giant waves and could quickly right themselves if they capsized. It is written that they reached speeds up to 5-7 knots.  

Archival quality giclee prints of original oil paintings, signed by artist Rhonda Shelford Jansen. Her paintings that are inspired by her years in Homer, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor and her family's lineage in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry. Her Aleut (Unangan) heritage and her love for history are the foundation for her Native work. She specializes in oils, acrtylic, and watercolor—creating soft, natural scenes with rugged coastlines, waves, and mountains. Learn more about Rhonda on her Alutiiq Museum bio page here- 

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