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Rhonda Shelford Jansen

RSJ $45 Traditions 8x10

RSJ $45 Traditions 8x10

This painting features a family hanging salmon to dry. A raven has come to steal fish and is giving one of the boys quite a laugh. They are dressed in historical clothing which was typically made from bird skins or otter and squirrel pelts. Drying and smoking fish was crucial to survival during the long winter months. Women used slate knifes, known as ulus, to clean and split fish, which they hung by the tail on wooden racks. 

Archival quality giclee prints of original oil paintings, signed by artist Rhonda Shelford Jansen. Her paintings that are inspired by her years in Homer, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor and her family's lineage in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry. Her Aleut (Unangan) heritage and her love for history are the foundation for her Native work. She specializes in oils, acrtylic, and watercolor—creating soft, natural scenes with rugged coastlines, waves, and mountains. Learn more about Rhonda on her Alutiiq Museum bio page here- 

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