Seal Fur & Dentalium Barrette

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This handmade barrette features lush seal fur accented by dark blue and gold beads with eight beaded dentalium tassels. There is a soft leather backing and the barrette is 3.5" across. With the tassels, the barrette is 5.25" from top to bottom.

Raised in the small Alutiiq village of Old Harbor, Alfred Naumoff has been carving for nearly 30 years and he is widely recognized for his skill.  He has sold examples of his carvings privately and through the gift stores at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, the Alutiiq Museum and the Alaska Native Heritage Center. In addition to his carving skills, Alfred makes a variety of jewelry. Alfred and his wife Roberta live in Palmer, Alaska and often work together to create jewelry with baleen, ivory, and other natural materials.