Salmon Skin Bowl

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Tanned salmon skin handmade into a delicate decorative bowl by Alutiiq artist Cheryl Lacy. The circumference of the bowl is 2.25" and is it 1.5" at its tallest point. The bowl is adorned with a freshwater pearl and swarovski crystal beads.

Cheryl Lacy is an Alutiiq artist who loved to paint and draw. Her artwork is primarily inspired by Alaskan animals, Native traditions, and the beauty of the landscape around her. She lives in Wasilla and can be found each year at the Alaska State Fair selling her watercolors and other artwork. In 2021, Cheryl painted the illustrations for the Alutiiq Museum book chidlren's history book Iqsani's Trout Hook.

Learn more about Cheryl in her Alutiiq Museum bio here-