Detalium, Abalone & Glass Wrap Bracelet

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With an ocean of blue glass beads accented by dentalium shell and abalone beads, this adjustable wrap bracelet is a beautiful statement piece. Handmade by Alutiiq Artist LaRita Laktonen-Ward.

LaRita was born in Kodiak, AK and her family of six lived off the main gravel road in the Native Village of Larsen Bay. Her family spent most of the year subsistence hunting, fishing, and crabbing and the summers commercial fishing for salmon. In her own words, "I am thankful for the natural beauty my family experienced on a day-to-day basis, whether it be storms, tides, cold, bears, or seeing our dog playing with a fox on the beach. My sisters and I would spend hours in the woods building forts out of old wood and fishing net, or collecting treasures, artifacts, and shells on the beach. We learned to be creative and also learned that living off the land was hard work with no electricity till grade school years and no running water. Our Alutiiq language was vanishing with changing times, but our heritage was our way of life in the village."