Blue Beaded Necklace

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Blue and silver beads accent a hand-formed clay centerpiece bead on this whimsical necklace by Alutiiq artist Mariah Stapleton. The necklace has a silver screw clasp and is 17" long.

Mariah Stapleton grew up on a remote island, where she lived with her parents till the age of 18. Here, she taught herself to bead. She has been creating beaded jewelry for more than a decade, inspired by the work of ancestral artists and the colors of Kodiak. Stapleton often incorporates natural colors into her jewelry, but also adds loud playful colors for contrast. “I love sharing my knowledge of beading and weaving with learners, and believe it is so important for artists to support others work. I have so many people who have supported me and I try to support other artists as well. I believe that is one of the most important thing about being an artist, keeping the tradition alive, and to share the knowledge and skills with others.”

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