Beach Rye Basket

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Round beach rye basket with a lid beautifully handwoven by Alaska Native artist Tina Hoen. The shape of the basket is accented by black cord woven into the rye and the lid fits snugly to keep your treasures safe.The basket itself is approximately 4" in circumference and, with the lid, is 3" tall. A unique and expertly made gift for yourself or a loved one.

Tina Hoen was born in Kodiak and raised on Woody Island. She is Alutiiq and Tlingit. Tina began her interest in back in second grade and has practiced a variety of art forms since her childhood. She has tried woodcarving, quilting, beading, sculpting and even furniture making, but found her passion in basket weaving. She loves the delicate art form and plans to weave forever.