Octopus in the Outhouse

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A humorous poetic journey through Alaska with unique views of remote outhouses and encounters with audacious wildlife. From squirrels to bears, it is a natural fact that most animals prefer making their homes in enclosed dens. The outhouse is sometimes in great demand where there is an animal housing shortage. Usually set away from the main house and noise and with no additional excavation needed, wild animals are known to invade any Alaskan outbuilding, including outhouses. Join Lila Liverwort and her little sidekick, Herman the Ermine as they journey to iconic places in Alaska and meet amazing animals living in outhouses from Sitka to Barrow. You'll be as surprised as they are about what animals they meet up with. Illustrated in vibrant color, each page is filled with rich details of each part of Alaska. For the young and young at heart. Written by Local Author, Stacy Studebaker and illustrated by Kay Underwood.

Softcover: 33 pages

Publisher: Sense of Place Press (2015)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1578-336227