Walrus Ivory/Russian Blue chain earrings

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Handmade by Alutiiq Seal artist Cassey Rowland, these beautiful earrings were made from walrus ivory beads, Russian blue beads and pieced together elegantly with silver chain. They are 2.25" wide and hang approximately 3" from the ear.

Cassey learned many artistic skills from her mother and grandmother, as well as the ladies she met and worked with in Alutiiq communities. She grew in Port Lions, an artsy village where she soaked up the knowledge of those around her, especially her friends Lena Amason, Kari Sherod, and Karly Gundersen. Everyone had something to teach and she listened and learned. In addition to beadwork, quilting, and skin sewing, Rowland harvests and works with wild plants to make healing salves, tinctures, and teas. Art kept Rowland busy as a child. Creating things was a fun activity for stormy days and a way to make gifts for friends and family. Over the years producing artwork has become her passion and she is now living Kodiak and working as an artist.

View her Alutiiq museum bio here-  https://alutiiqmuseum.org/cassey