Salmon & Deer Leather Slippers

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Beautifully crafted deer and salmon skin slippers trimmed with rabbit fur made by Sutton, Alaska based Alutiiq artist June Pardue.  Size 7.5

June (Simeonoff) Pardue is an Alutiiq and Inupiaq artist who resides in remote Sutton, Alaska. Originally from Old Harbor Village on Kodiak Island, June is recognized as an Alutiiq grass weaver, fish skin tanner, fish leather and sea mammal skin sewer, jeweler, and beader. During June’s fifty year career as an artist, museums have collected her work—beaded headdresses, grass baskets and grass socks, jewelry, and Alutiiq garments are in permanent collections at the Alutiiq Museum, Palmer Historical Museum, Autry National Center in Los Angeles, Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka, the Arctic Studies Center in Maine, and at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, Alaska.

Learn more about June in her Alutiiq Museum bio-