Iqsani's Trout Hook

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Written by Alutiiq author Alisha Drabek, Iqsanim Ancirsuutii- Iqsani's Trout Hook tells the story of an Alutiiq family at fish camp as they prepare to head home for the winter. Readers follow a brother (Iqsani) and sister (Qanitiisa) as they help their family harvest food for winter and enjoy summer fun. While Iqsani and Qanitiisa are imagined, their world is real. Inspiration for this story came from an archaeological excavation beside Karluk River on Kodiak Island. The book is illustrated with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Alutiiq artist Cheryl Lacy.

The second half of the book presents the archaeological finds to show how they reveal Alutiiq history and tie to the story. The book is designed for an elementary school audience but is enjoyable for all ages.

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