Handpainted Big Fish Silk Scarf-

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This hand-painted grey silk scarf incorporates a myriad of Alaskan imagery. A vibrant blue salmon head gives way to a landscape of craggy mountains and Alaskan wildflower designs including wild irises and bright pink shooting star flowers.Made by Anchorage-based artist Gail Flotre. The scarf measures 13.5" across and is 77.5" long (including the fringed boarder).

A long-time Alaskan, Gail was raised on the Emerald Isle of Kodiak. The wild flowers of Kodiak isnpired her to pursue watercolor painting and she continues to enjoy painting vivid watercolors to brighten our lives. The techniques she learned with watercolors are applied in her passion for hand painted silk scarves. Each scarf is a unique piece of art that Gail hopes will bring joy and thoughts of Alaska to the wearer.