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The Kodiak Archipelago is filled with animals. Sea mammals play in island waters. Schools of fish fill the deep. Shellfish crust the shores. Salmon and trout pack streams. Bears and foxes roam grassy meadows and thousands of birds soar through the skies. Each animal has an important tie to the Alutiiq/Sugpiaq. Alutiiq people harvest animals to care for their families. Animals provide meat and fat for food and materials for tools and clothing. Living off the land is an ancient tradition. Alutiiq people hunt and fish with knowledge passed down over thousands of years an understanding of animal behavior, awareness of the weather, and carefully honed harvesting skills. Relying on wild resources is more than subsistence, it is suumacirpet–our way of living.

This beautiful poster showcases artwork by Alutiiq Artist Lena Amason capturing many of these animals. These are just a few of the species Alutiiq people harvest. A team of researchers at Boston University studied the remains of animals found in ancestral settlements and created a list of 90 species represented. See the whole list and learn more about the study of animal remains from this informational poster. The oversize poster is approximately 36"x24" in size and printed on high quality glossy paper.

Produced with assistance from Catherine Foster West and the Boston University Zooarchaeology program, with funding from the Kodiak Island Borough School District Reading English and Alutiiq Development project.

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